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Trendy sunglasses styles for your summer

Looking for something extremely beautiful to be stylish at the seaside? With a great variety of swimwear styles, it’s very easy to stay trendy. Have you checked out “Maaji- Swimwear” from Columbia? This is a must have for the season. Fun, girly, and totally unique. With beautiful layered and mixed matched European fabrics to create fun and expressive designs and styles. Maaji suits are amazing, many being reversible giving you endless options.

maaji flying tales lady rocket swimsuit

The new 2011 Maaji swimwear collection (debuting this November), “Flying Tales”, is for powerful princess-types to save themselves from the dragon and win their true love’s heart. It’s a sexy line of womens swimwear that calls back to your childhood fantasies, so that you can wear a swimsuit that reminds you of exactly what you had wanted to be when you grew up. Maaji uses the beauty of nature in completely new ways to inspire their swimwear. Rather than using pictures of screened flowers or animal prints, Maaji delves deeply into the inner workings of planet earth to draw out the most intimate and discreet secrets of our natural word and uses them to fashion the only garments that reveal ourselves in our own barest elements – swimwear.

maaji simply fantastic swimsuit

The Maaji Spring/Summer 2011 swimwear collection is the real deal for those who long for colorful and eye-pleasing designs with immaculate detailing and girly features. Check out whether this selection would be your dream beachwear line for the next summer. And don’t you forget that any swimwear usually requires certain accessory.

brad pitt burberry

A perfect choice of beach accessories is endless; however, there are items which are crucial when spending all day long under the sun. Sunglasses are very important when you consider enjoying bright summer sun. For example, women designer sunglasses are lovely and flattering. They are designed especially for women face form. Any pair of designer sunglasses is sure to enhance the most beautiful parts of every woman face. One of the main reasons that women enjoy designer branded products is for the name. Your huge square Burberry sunglasses will cost you a pretty penny. The lady next to you may be rocking a knock off pair, but you know your heart swells with pride because you are wearing Burberry sunglasses.

maaji flying tales stardust swimsuit

Besides, Burberry brand offers a great variety of trendy sunglasses styles. When you are shopping for name brand sunglasses, no matter where you go, you need to make sure that the glasses are authentic. Check for differences in the logos and quality for instance to make sure that they are the real thing. Authentic Burberry sunglasses are the ideal add on when you happen to be searching for a touch of that designer look. Burberry brand can be completely distinguished from the other brands. The distinct characteristic is because of its red, black and camel types of check patter. The luxurious and wealthy look of the Burberry sunglasses has made it popular all over the world among the users of sunglasses. The online stores are well equipped with entire range of Burberry sunglasses starting from the oldest on to the new one which is recent in the market.

Burberry sunglasses

Keeping your legs incredibly warm

Sporting bright, solid-colored tights is the latest fashion extravaganza that initiated in social circuits, high-end parties and not to forget the ever-so extravagant ramp shows. From models showcasing them on ramp to young girls displaying them on college grounds, colored tights have become the talk of the town today. Colored tights are a great way to brighten up your wardrobe and are a reoccurring catwalk trend this year.

trasparenze joko fashion tights

From scarlet, blue, purple, cerise, fuchsia, jade and gold the choice is endless. With not a glimpse of your skin visible through the tights, 40-plus denier is perfect for colder weather and bright, vibrant colors like red, burnt orange, purple, burgundy, hot pink, ballet pink, turquoise, textured nude black, brown and striped. If you’re wearing color, keep your legs neutral with black, gray, or brown.

sexy tights

If you’re wearing neutral tones and feel like having a bit of extra fun, go ahead and jazz up your stems with an eye-popping pair of tights. However, there is more to the trend than just wearing colored tights. Teaming it up with the right top and footwear is extremely important and goes a long way in deciphering your appearance.

trasparenze yosef fashion tights

Colored tights are much in vogue with the current fashion. At the time of getting a pair for you, make sure you go for bright colors. They are not only eye catching, but also make you look vibrant and cheerful. Avoid neon colored tights. They might have looked quite alluring on the ramp, but walking on the road wearing one would give you a look that is far from elegance and sophistication. When deciding what color you’re going to tint your lower half, anything goes… almost. Pick deeply saturated shades in season-appropriate colors. Deep burgundies, reds, purples, browns, grays and black are your top picks for the colder months, and eye-popping, vibrant tints such as turquoise and magenta fun warmer weather choices. Always avoid lighter tones like peach, beige or pale yellow, unless you’re layering with a fishnet over top.

chopin footless tights

If you are looking for trendy colored tights, shop for Trasparenze Dora Wool Rib Tights. These wool rib tights from Trasparenze are fabulously stretchy and are guaranteed to make you feel all snuggly and warm. With flat seams and a small rib, these are the perfect winter accessory, keeping your legs incredibly warm, but also looking fabulous. Pair them with boots for a city slick look, or denim for a more casual look.

trasparenze otello knee high socks

These tights come in different colors. Or consider Trasparenze Otello Tights. Look chic and classic with these uniquely zigzagged patterned tights. You can choose from a great color palette. If you wish to look sexy in colored legwear, try Trasparenze Valentina Hold Ups.

capriccio tights

Searching for a summery way to dress your legs in the brightest of colours? Then this is the way to do it! These sheer hold ups are available in 7 gorgeous colors! If you think that colored tights are not for your legs, you are wrong. Even if you have slightly plump legs, Trasparenze Gennifer Merino Wool Non Control Top Tights are just what the doctor prescribed. No more being relegated to the back of the wardrobe, no more being overlooked for their longer length friends. Keep your legs gorgeously warm and fashionable.

Trasparenze Gennifer Merino

Looking good and feeling warm, what more could you want? Snugly warm wool tights in the most gorgeous of colors.

Turn on your husband for special night

Finding good quality ladies’ lace lingerie today is difficult for most ladies. With the home, the family and the job it is hard to find the time to go shopping for anyone much less for your self. You want to take the time and find just the right style for you something with luscious, lace that makes you feel soft and relaxed. You also want something that turns you husband or lovers head when you wear it for the special nights together. There is a solution to not having the time to go shopping.

valentines day lingerie

Fine lingerie offer class, sophistication and luxury. As they are made from quality skin-friendly fabrics, they are always comfortable and stylish. Fine lingerie is often considered as works of art by those who make them and wear them. The cuts, small shape changes and other minute details make them wonderfully attractive. Most fine lingerie pieces are handmade. Designers have produced fine lingerie of many colors, styles and sizes. Fine lingerie can be available in almost all styles such as baby doll lingerie, bustier corset, bridal and see thru. They are available in normal to extra large or plus sizes, which make them a happy choice for everyone. Here is a list of lingerie designers who are ready to present modern women with the best lace lingerie.

samantha chang lingerie

Samantha Chang is a legend in intimates. Her collection is known for uniquely pretty, well-fitting designs that are easy to mix and match.  The Autumn/Winter collection does not disappoint! For a more opulent look, the Silk Satin with Leavers Lace range is to die for!  Elegant Silk Satin is paired with delicate Leavers lace (from Calais, France) in a babydoll, chemise, cami, minishort, and thong.  Delightful!

Flora Lastraioli

Flora Lastraioli specializes in embroidery and also uses ‘precious Swiss laces…volants, ruches, silk satins and flimsy georgettes’. The company’s new collection is divided into two sections – satin and silk, and cotton and jersey. The satin and silk section includes long transparent robes, silk and georgette nightdresses in pastel colors, and sexy wine-colored camisoles with feminine lace finishings. The cotton and jersey robes and nightdresses are just as beautiful in their pastel colors of pink, light blue, and white.

simone perele idylle

Simone Perele Womanly-woman in a total lace look, romantic-woman in scalloped cotton voile, fulfilled-woman in refined minimalism…women no longer have one style, they have many..

damaris lingerie

Damaris new collection includes several groupings. Two of them are devoted to laces. Heavenly grouping – a beautiful iridescent French lace in a euphoric mermaid form brands this story, truly heavenly. A simple two-piece set for a distinctive feel that also finds itself bejeweled with an array of Swarovski crystals. Enticing grouping – a lethal layering of black French leopard lace and lashings of jet-black Swarovski crystals, with an abundance of knickers to choose from and quirky additions such as the suspender belt and ruched body. This is a sophisticated and super necessary story for this season.

lise charmel sexy fatale

Lise Charmel is the brand of sophistication and seduction. Lingerie from Lise Charmel is created not produced. The Lise Charmel collections is enchanted by beauty, exceptional creativity, high quality, elegance, well-being and good taste. The lingerie of her dreams combines the most beautiful materials such as inlaid guipure lace and fine silk. The Lise Charmel lingerie is captivating, sophisticated and unique. She is the feminine emblem of haute couture.

kriss soonik

The dark side of Snow White was the starting point for the AW collection by Kriss Soonik. Pure black cute naughtiness is translated into unique styles and cuts featuring lacy bodies with peek-a-boo back and blue velvet detailing, baby-doll tops with gorgeous knickers, dressing gowns for morning lounging and a tank top with suspenders for sexy tomboy look. All hand-made in Estonia bringing a new level of quality and freshness into the lingerie market.

Damaris going from strength to strength

Damaris has always been a luxury lingerie designer that inspires me.  Sensual but at the same time sexy is the only way to describe her lingerie. I have just been having a look at the Mimi Holliday collection on her website and my credit cards are coming out. If you are thinking of splashing out on some luxury lingerie then take a look at my recommendations for the collection of what is hot.

Snow drop is silk chiffon combined with French lace in pale earthy colors.  Resembles winter time down to a tee and comes in the standard knicker and bra set with a choice of thong, full bottom or boy shorts for the knickers. Rose d’Amour – A stunning bra knicker set. Knickers can come in either full bottom or a sexy little G string. Mink and ivory satin is covered with black transparent lace and the bra comes either padded or non padded. Definitely for those wanting to wow their man. Pompom de Paris is floral prints in either bra, knickers or a shorts slip. The actual material is silk chiffon so we are talking sensual whilst at the same time feeling comfort. Belle Amour has quite a range in this sexy little number that is definitely for portraying a strong, comfortable women. Think of a steel color mixed with silk satin and black lace. Choose from a plunge bra or a super plunge bra and knickers, boy shorts or a thong. I am getting my credit card out for this one. Which one will you be choosing?


Lingerie help from John Lewis.

According to John Lewis it seems that when men go lingerie shopping for their wife’s, they get in that much of a muddle that they need an assistant. So the huge department store chain has put male and female assistants in their lingerie departments. I get the feeling it is more to do with pushing a sale than helping the men, maybe that is where my doubting nature falls short.

The aim of John  Lewis is to take all the embarrassment out of lingerie shopping and give the men chance to make their purchase in a male only environment. Spot the holes in the plan already. Come on John Lewis, fess up, it is all about pushing men towards buying lingerie because as far as I see it if they don’t know what their wife wants then how is an assistant going to know?

The first tip that they offer to men is to know the size of your wife before you leave the house, this way you can ensure that you buy the right size. Really!. Has John Lewis gone as far to say men are that stupid that they try to buy lingerie without knowing the size first!.  On second thoughts.

lingerie shopping

lingerie shopping

Layla L’obatt Spring / summer collection 2010

So Layla L’obatt has released details of her luxury 2010 collections for Spring / summer 2010. There are two collections and in each one of them Layla continues to display her love of lingerie.  The collection called Deco lace is all about peach satin and black lace. A wonderful color combination that is incorporated into gowns, robes, and baby dolls that all scream comfort whilst at the same time appealing to a woman’s feminine nature. The other collection called Sheer romance is along the same lines but this time is a mixture of peach satin with grey lace and this leads to wonderful  feminine  designs of gowns, robes, bra and pants. Both collections keep in line Layla’s  theme which is  “Between the sheets” .  For those that don’t know the motto… Between the sheets is not about the things you wear or even what you do, it is about the inner beauty that shines through.

Italian lingerie climbing up the fashion ladder.

We all know that the lingerie industry is one of the most competitive in the world of business and up until now French lingerie has always managed to hold the top spot. Competition is looming however with more and more people now searching for Italian lingerie and once you see the designs you can understand why Italian lingerie is climbing to the top of the fashion ladder.

Designers such as Argentovivo, Cotton club, Guia La bruna, Rosapois and Verde Veronica are producing top quality original lingerie of which is  screaming to be worn by women of all shapes and sizes. If they carry on like they are doing then in a couple of years Italian lingerie will be just as well known as the French Lingerie designers.  Satin, silk and sexy colors such as red, vibrant purples and emerald greens are being used in correct 2009 collections forItalian lingerie. . I am definitely looking forward to the 2010 collections coming out.

Italian Lingerie

Italian Lingerie

Bra Glossary

There are so many styles and designs of bras on the market these days and  you can often became side tracked as to which bra is suitable for which purpose. An adhesive bra is one that simply is stuck to the breasts. There are no straps so it is suitable for when you are wearing Lycra or a backless dress. It does not tend to work well as simply sweating can cause the adhesive to loosen, thus your bra could end up at your feet! A built in bra is exactly what it says. it is built into the garment which is normally a sport item or tank top. The downside is the flexibility to wear a different bra suiting your needs. A convertible bra allows you to alter and change straps so it can be used with a variety of garments. A typical example would be the one from Diamond Boutique that has just gone on sale in Tesco’s.

Cupless bras refer to one where the nipple is exposed. Most often used in Erotic lingerie and definitely not for wearing under a shirt on a cold day. A Demi bra is the same as a Balconette bra. Normally half cup with wide set straps. Can also be used to give a lift and cleavage. This depends on whether there is padding in the bra. A front closure bra does what it says and is a bra that you open and close at the front. Maternity bras help to cope with the increase in size of the breasts over pregnancy. They are also helpful for nursing.

A padded bra will come with padding  inside the cup. The padding is placed in a strategic position in order to make breasts appear bigger than what they are. A push up bra will once again include padding or gel however this will be placed in order to push the breasts up to emphasize a cleavage. Strapless bras are just that however these days are being replaced with bras that have clear straps. This is due to strapless bras having a tendency to float down if not fitted properly.

A t-shirt bra has no seams and more often then not will have padding inserted into the cup to prevent the outline of a nipple showing. Training bras are a girls first introduction into the world of lingerie and are aimed at getting a girl used to the feel and comfort of a bra.

Satine collection from Irall

I love this polish designer purely for their collections of ladies sleepwear in particular the Satine collection. Satine is a collection of ladies sleepwear that is aimed at comfort whilst looking sexy. Names such as Catherine and Michelle could be more original however I am quite prepared to overlook the names simply as the lingerie itself excels compared to other designers. I literally could spend thousands on the lingerie coming out Irall designer workshops.

Satine is mainly of course as the name indicates Satin sleepwear  in attractive greys, white, purples and calm blues. Emma is a favorite chemise of mine with its primary color being a calming lilac teamed with elegant stitched lace of  a similar  color around the hems and cuffs.Irall also seem to be breaking into the business of Erotic lingerie which we are pleasantly surprised at the  line is  erotic without looking cheap. This is not something that a lot of erotic lingerie designers can pull off with success.  Well done to Irall and we hope your success continues as each day goes by.


Mixed reviews for Victoria’s secret new ad.

Victoria’s secret Christmas lingerie ad hit the screens this week to very mixed reviews. Men love it whilst women seems to hate it. Director Michael bay has  shots of women straddling pool tables, lying on bars, riding motorcycles and being photographed amongst backdrops of helicopters. All this whilst heavy metal music plays in the background.

Easy enough to see why women hate it but   the ad is meant to make men go out lingerie shopping for our Christmas presents so why are us women moaning. The motto is “one gift of a thousand fantasies” and who has the most fantasies about their women in lingerie. Men of course.

Victoria’s secret bring out their Christmas ad at the same time every year and rumors have it that they are that pleased with Michael Bay’s work that he could be hired again for next years ad. To be honest I don’t think they can do any worse and I quite like the ad. It reminds me of Top Gun and my teenage years and if it gets my man lingerie shopping for me then so be it.

Victoria's secret