Victoria’s secret Christmas lingerie ad hit the screens this week to very mixed reviews. Men love it whilst women seems to hate it. Director Michael bay has  shots of women straddling pool tables, lying on bars, riding motorcycles and being photographed amongst backdrops of helicopters. All this whilst heavy metal music plays in the background.

Easy enough to see why women hate it but   the ad is meant to make men go out lingerie shopping for our Christmas presents so why are us women moaning. The motto is “one gift of a thousand fantasies” and who has the most fantasies about their women in lingerie. Men of course.

Victoria’s secret bring out their Christmas ad at the same time every year and rumors have it that they are that pleased with Michael Bay’s work that he could be hired again for next years ad. To be honest I don’t think they can do any worse and I quite like the ad. It reminds me of Top Gun and my teenage years and if it gets my man lingerie shopping for me then so be it.

Victoria's secret